Speaker Series: Farm to Table to Kid

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May 22 Speaker Series - Farm to Table


About Our Guests:

Alton Brown
As host of Food Network’s award-winning show Good Eats, Alton Brown is in American living rooms every evening, helping families learn easy ways to identify and prepare healthy food. As the main commentator for the Iron Chef TV show, Alton worked with the First Lady on a program where competing chefs worked with ingredients from the White House organic vegetable garden.

Yael Lehmann
Yael Lehman is executive director of The Food Trust in Philadelphia, a nonprofit organization recognized by the White House for its innovative approach to bringing healthy food choices to low-income neighborhoods considered "food deserts." The Food Trust will be expanding its work to Georgia this year.

Anthony Geraci
Since joining the Baltimore City Schools in 2008 as director of food and nutrition, Anthony Geraci has turned an abandoned 33-acre farm into a site for organic food production for local schools. Baltimore City Schools now source fresh fruits and vegetables from Maryland farms, resulting in increased revenue for the local farmers and millions of dollars in savings for the schools.

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